Outdoor Applications

Summer seems to be the shortest season of the year, so enjoying every single moment is paramount.  Details Renovations can take your yard from meh to WOW!

Fencing and decks

Maximize your outdoor living space by creating the ultimate outdoor room.  Design a decking solution to create eating, cooking and lounging areas and spend your time entertaining on your patio.

Fencing falling down?  Is it time to upgrade your old, dilapidated fence for something more sturdy and/or with more privacy?  Details Renovations will remove your old fencing and replace it with a structurally sound and secure fence for your yard / children / pets.

Concrete and Patio Work

If wood or composite decking isn’t your style, don’t worry.  We install concrete and interlocking solutions to extend the life of your yard.  We can customize your building plan to incorporate hot tubs, fire pits, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens as you wish.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting ones, so set your home or business apart with curb appeal packages.  Exterior painting, porch additions and repairs, door and window installations and/or ramps for aging family members are just a few of the options Details Renovations can offer to up your curb appeal.